James Pearman

James is a knowledgeable and experienced IT professional. Already fanatical about all things computers, he created GoodVibe75 in 2005 so he could share his wealth of knowledge and skills with community groups, charities and ethically run organisations in the Brighton & Hove area.

GoodVibe75 initially offered IT support and services to companies that needed it the most, without financially crippling them in the process. He has worked with companies such as Magpie Recycling and Samesky Community Arts for many years.

As well as IT services, James provided reliable hosting and affordable website creation and maintenance to businesses around the world.
So that the strong, working relationships, James had established could continue to flourish, he brought numerous customers with him when we established Wiredmonkeys.

Subsequently our clients benefit from a more hands on service that would not otherwise be possible.

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