WM joins BNI!

After quite a life changing move for the Monkeys, or at least some small geographical relocation, the next step for us was logically to connect with local business community around the Uckfield & Lewes area, also known as the Weald. So imagine our surprise when actually we were approached by the lovely people at BNI Uckfield to join them for breakfast and talk with other business people about the opportunities available and how to help each other's company grow in hard times. Members from all localities in the area, including Crowbourough, Heathfield and smaller East Sussex villages, where looking for a friendly and dependable company to delegate all their web presence management to.

It was also an opportunity for us to review our services, compare our expectations when building sites for our clients to other local web development companies, and their expectations of our service, but more importantly our financial viability in a different market.

Through presentations and 1-2-1 interviews, we have been given the possibility to present our business and what we feel are our strong point to not only prospective clients, but actually an active sales force that can help us reach all of their connections. Though it is only early days, we feel this will enable us to re assess the way we run our business, the way we deliver our product, the way we sell it, which will eventually mean better, more profesional service to all our clients.