IT for Halabja

We are very proud at WiredMonkeys to have started sponsoring Halabja Community Playground Project charity by providing them with IT components, digital cameras and other equipments.

Halabja Community Playground Project has created a play infrastructure to the town of Halabja in Iraq since 2009 by raising money and resources in the UK to then take those along with specialist expertise out to Halabja where they empower the local community to build their own playground.

Tom arrived one day with his trusty, though aging and somewhat underpowered, MacBook under arm. We found some RAM at the back of one of our drawer for him, by which point we realised just how much stuff we had, and what better way to make use of not quite so obsolete equipment than to give it to deserving disadvantaged youths.

We now actively search for any technological equipment, such as digital and video cameras or computer components, that can be included in a container being shipped from the UK to Halabja in the coming months. We are also building a computer that will be used to do image and video editing.

So if you have also some old cameras, digital or not, or anything that could be used by Tom and the community , get in touch with them, and if you are local, we will happily collect and store any donations you might have.