The Monkeys are full steam ahead

For some, summer is a time for sun, rest & holidays. But not here, we have been busy this month. From tutorials to full E-commerce templates and the odd optimization, we have kept on top of most of what we do to deliver outstanding service to our clients.

Among the new lucky bunch, enter Garrison Roofing. Steve Lynam has been a roofing contractor for a few years now, and after recently taking over the whole control of the company, he is keen to up its online profile and we have the know how!

As well as updating and growing its social profile, WM is also looking to update the website's copy. Garrison Roofing is also member of different associations, including CheckaTrade, and we aim to update each profile with up to date infos.

Also to join us are the lovely people at The County Group. A misunderstanding in expected interface, a cost that did not square up and lack of communication from the original dev team had made the web a not so lovely place for Mike Evans. Eager to regain control of his main site before looking into improving other online assets held by County, he contacted us for a complete CMS solution based on the original design. After waiting over 6 months to get the site to this point, Mike could have been forgiven for thinking the transition would take a while. 1 month on and the site is now ready, upgraded to our favorite CMS.

More to come soon