More monkeys for your hard earned peanuts

We sometimes take our time to do something, but don't think it's by laziness! We like to sink out teeth into something, know it all inside out, maybe over do it a bit, then get on to something new, though while keeping on top of what we already know.

So when we started approaching local Sussex businesses to offer them a new kind of web development, friendly, dependable and affordable, many of them took interest, and some even jumped ship to get their share of monkey work.

So what better time to take on an apprentice than the present!

Enter Jude, an ape just the way we like them, hard working, clever, funny, at least he thinks so, and eager, very eager. After a snowboarding accident, this extremely good plasterer has found himself contemplating a career change. Already proficient in HTML, a Drupal training course was the next thing to tackle. We brought him to Little Horsted, set him up, and 48hrs on, he has shown he has what it takes to make an outstanding Drupalista. Give him a few weeks and then, who knows what he might learn? PHP, JQuery, WordPress....

Now to make him relocate to the green pasture of Uckfield, Lewes or anywhere around East Sussex might be premature for this city dwelling boy, but regular "internship" might make him see the light.

But for now, it is welcome, pleasure to have you, good luck, and put the kettle on!