CMV Action

CMV Action is a UK organisation of parents and volunteers, who have come together to raise public awareness of Congenital CMV, and campaign for better prevention measures within our health service.
We offer advice, support and friendship to anyone affected by Congenital CMV. We are able to put families in touch with each other, who may be facing similar issues, as well as those who live near to each other.
We can advocate for families affected by Congenital CMV, and support them in ensuring that they receive the best possible service from their healthcare, education and social work providers.

We work with a number of medical professionals who have an interest in Congenital CMV, and we support much needed research in this field. We aim to publicise any new CMV research findings via our website and social network pages.
Research is currently under way for a CMV vaccine, and it is our hope that one day, it will become widely available, As part of our campaign, we continue to stress the need for a vaccine to health professionals and policymakers, by highlighting the devastating impact of CMV.